Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Here at Pawsitively Cozy, we make items that are unique, handmade, and fun. What more can you ask for in a gift for someone (or yourself)? I’ve made a holiday gift guide of some of our favorite products to gift to friends and family this holiday season. I’ve also linked some shops from other artists so you can shop small this year!

Best Sellers

These items are our top sellers at conventions. They all makes the great holiday gifts that almost anyone would love!

Cat Ear Hats

Black Cat Ear Hat

5.00 out of 5

Black Cat Ear Hat – $35

Our most basic hat. It’s perfect for those just stepping into the world of animal ear hats. It’s neutral and matches everything, but the ears still make it fun and special!

Perfect Recipient: A black cat owner

Teal Shark – $25

Our #1 Most popular item. This teal shark is sure to please anyone that loves sea creatures and cute things!

Perfect Recipient: Your best friend

Purple Paw Gloves – $35

Fingerless gloves are great for staying warm while typing and using a computer. These paw gloves are adorable in purple!

Perfect Recipient: Someone that works in a cold office

Unique Gifts

Do you want to give something really special that nobody else has? Check out our most customizable gift set! Pick a color combo that feels unique to the person you’re gifting!

Make sure to order these soon! Made to Order items take 2-3 weeks to make and ship out.

Look at this example of a fun & unique set you could design for someone!

Striped Cat Ear Hat – $35

Two colors means twice the fun! I love making these hats because I never know how a color combo will turn out in the end, but it’s always great! Pair it with matching (or mis-matching) paw gloves and a bow for an unforgettably special gift.

Perfect Recipient: That person in your life who has more than one favorite color

Custom Paw Gloves – $35

Order these gloves in the same colors you order a striped cat hat in! Or even better, message me and I can custom make you mis-matched paws to go with the hat! Check out this example from Instagram!

Perfect Recipient: The person you’re gifting the striped cat hat to! ^^^

A Matching Bow – $5

If you’ve already picked the perfect colors of the two previous items, this one is easy! Just pick one of those colors and your recipient will have beautiful finished set!

Perfect Recipient: The person you’re gifting the striped cat hat and paw gloves to! ^^^

Budget Friendly Gifts

We know you have a lot of people to shop for, so here are some of our lower cost items that won’t make your wallet sad! Are you one of those “Sort by Price: Low to High” people? Me too.

Buttefly Magnets – $5 Each

Grab one or two of these butterfly magnets in some fun colors and you’ll have a useful and pretty gift to give without spending a lot! Or buy a bunch to give to lots of different people.

Perfect Recipient: Your mother or grandma

Custom Turtle – $10

This little turtle is sure to please anyone! Considering how cute they are, it packs a big punch for only $10!

Perfect Recipient: Someone who collects small items

Paint Party Bow – $5

Anyone can make this bow look awesome. Gift it to your friend who will put it in their hair or use it as decoration in their room.

Perfect Recipient: Your friend with great fashion taste

UnBEARably Cute Gifts

Need to do some shopping for yourself this year? Here are our (arguably) cutest items!

Bear Hat – $40

Bear hats are my favorite because they’re cute and different! This raspberry color is a super pretty mix of pinks, blues, and purples in case you’re into that kind of thing.

Perfect Recipient: You

Tan Hamster – $35

This plushie is very relateable… hungry and chonky. Isn’t that enough?

Perfect Recipient: Someone that loves strawberries

Teal Bear – $25

This little heart-warmer is packed full of so much love, it’s new owner won’t be able to stop smiling.

Perfect Recipient: Someone who deserves a hug

Honorable Mentions

Still not sure what to buy? Try one of these items!

Yellow Caterpillar – $15

Perfect Recipient: Someone that likes bugs

Green Cat Ear Hat – $35

Perfect Recipient: Your significant other

Support Small Business!

Don’t spend all your money in one place! Check out these other awesome stores from other small businesses! #ShopSmall

I have purchased from all these people, so they have my paw stamp of approval!

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