Is something you want Out of Stock?

Items Out of Stock

Made-to-Order listings may go in and out of stock as I process and complete orders.

I have found this to be the best way to manage my time and demand of my products *flashback to selling eleven sets of hats and gloves in one day when a tiktok post went viral and I panicked I wouldn’t be able to make them within my stated processing time*

Anime Convention Prep

If we have an upcoming convention that we are vending at all shop sales may be paused for a period of time in order to prepare stock.

I will usually notify customers via my newsletter or social media before this happens so that you have a week or so to order before things close up for a bit.

But I want to place an order… what can I do?

Option 1: If the item you want isn’t available please use the “Notify Me” feature on the product page to get an e-mail when the item is back in stock.

Option 2: Become a member of the Cozy Crew on my ko-fi to get ANYTIME Pre-Order Privileges 

CHRISTMAS ORDERING DEADLINES: Made to Order items: Nov 25th - Ready to Ship Items: Dec. 9th
✨ FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 (US Only) ✨
Custom Hat & Accessory listings will not be renewed after April 3rd until the beginning of August so I can prepare for vending at Anime Iowa.