New Custom Order Form!

As of February 1st, 2024, Made to Order listings have been retired & upgraded to our new Custom Order forms!

What’s happening?

Previously, When browsing my shop you’d find listings for ready made items mixed in with “Made to Order” listings. Before, if you wanted to buy a striped cat beanie in black and teal, for example, you’d find the Striped Cat Beanie listing, pick the colors you want, and checkout.

Going forward if you’d like something in specific colors and my custom orders are open, you will:

    1. Browse the design options on Made to Order Items page pick from my available color choices
    2. Fill out the request form with your e-mail address
    3. Receive an e-mail from me with a link to your custom listing to purchase (or a follow up if you need any help with the design/color picking process)
    4. Checkout!

Why am I doing this?

  1. I will have more flexibility to open & close orders as necessary which means:
    • Processing & Shipping times will stay reasonable (3-4 weeks)
    • More fun Ready-to-Ship Options on the shop
  2. You’ll have an easier time browsing our shop for everything currently available as there will be less clutter!
  3. It will be easier to let you know what yarn color options I have available as I run out of my current supply & find alternatives to my current supplier
  4. If I share something fun & cool on social media that you love you will be able to request it right away without waiting for a shop listing

Honestly, things won’t really be changing too much. We are still happy to make you our current line of products in whatever color combos you want! There is just a lot of behind the scenes work going on with this and I want to thank you for your understanding and support! As a reminder, I am running my business as just one person (with the help of my mom’s wonderful support and crochet skills), and sometimes I have to prioritize what works best for me so that I can keep bringing fun & colorful things to the world.

Join my Paw Posse membership tier on Ko-Fi for $5 a month to get anytime ordering privileges, even when my custom order form is closed! (keep in mind shipping & processing times may be longer than usual depending on my order queue and personal life factors)

Other benefits include:

  • A Free Shipping Code to use anytime
  • Early Access to New Items
  • Behind the Scenes Updates
  • Exclusive Sales/Coupons
New Collection Available! Hand Dyed 100% Wool Hats & Accessories 🎉
Custom Hat & Accessory listings will not be renewed after April 3rd until the beginning of August so I can prepare for vending at Anime Iowa.