Nebula – Wool Cat Beanie & Paw Gloves


Calling all galaxy lovers who love soft things! I picked out this special yarn just for you! It’s hand-dyed by a lovely indie dyer and I’ve knitted it into this out of this world cat beanie & glove set.

What yarn is this made with?

How do I take care of these items?

  • The following care instructions have been provided by the yarn source: “I use high quality, professional acid dyes and although the wool was washed clear after the dye process, it may bleed slightly with the first wash. Some colors bleed more than others. For best results, hand wash separately in cold water with very little agitation and lay flat to dry.”

How is this different than your regular items?

  • This set is slighty smaller with a soft, silky, smooth finished feel
  • Recommended for those who like a closer fit on their paw gloves

This Item is Sold Out.

NOTICE: I am currently busy preparing stock to sell in the Anime Iowa Artist Alley on July 26th-28th.
Leftover stock will be added to my shop & custom orders will reopen for a short period in August.
Custom Hat & Accessory listings will not be renewed after April 3rd until the beginning of August so I can prepare for vending at Anime Iowa.