Paw Print Gloves | Made to Order

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I hand knit these adorable paw print fingerless gloves with 100% acrylic yarn. I love using these gloves at my computer so I can type, be cute, and be warm all at the same time! They are perfect when paired with a cat hat or bear hat. In the winter, I like wearing them on top of regular gloves for extra warmth!

When choosing your color combo, I highly recommend choosing a paw color that has a high level of contrast with the glove color you choose so that the paws stand out! If you would like me to use my creative discretion to pick a well suited paw color please pick “Choose for me!” and I will make your paws in a color that I think looks great with your glove color choice. Or if you’d just like to double check on a color combo, just send me a message!

Made to Order Paw Gloves
Paw Print Gloves | Made to Order

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