Split Paw Gloves • Made to Order


I hand knit these adorable paw print fingerless gloves with 100% acrylic yarn. I love using these gloves at my computer so I can type, be cute, and be warm all at the same time! They are perfect when paired with a cat hat or bear hat. In the winter, I like wearing them on top of regular gloves for extra warmth!

The paws on each glove will be the color of the opposite glove (e.g. red paw on black glove & black paw on red glove) If you’d like something different, just contact me!

Yarn Color Chart

Note: Left and Right are determined with the paw side being on the palm of your hand.

SEPT 26 - NOV: Orders temporarily closed while we prep for, attend, and recover from Anime Nebraskon (Oct 21st-23rd) Discounted items still available!
Custom Hat & Accessory listings will not be renewed after April 3rd until the beginning of August so I can prepare for vending at Anime Iowa.